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If you need to repair a DC motor and need only one commutators,

If your goal is to make one or several prototypes or special motors,

Whats easier than to buy it directly from our stock list ?

Very easy to use :

1- Download the STOCK file (need Excel to open it)

2- Start to check the brushtrack (our list goes from smaller to larger brushtrack

3- Check the number of segments

4- Check the riser and the copper length



The choice is so large that you have every chance to find a commutator right available from our stock.

Select one or more commutators and ask us for a quotation and precise drawing so you can check all the dimensions, us fax 00 33 (0) 389 762 181 or e-mail

We can also adapt and change many dimensions according to your wishes :

-          Reduce the lengths, riser and brushtrack

-          Reduce or increase the bore

-          Slot dimensions


In case you do not find the commutator you wish in our stock list, you can send your specific request using either the NELCO form or your own drawing