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 Moulded commutators technologies :

  We realised 3 technologies of commutators,  to give the bestest solution at your needs.

Copper segments :

We use electrolytic copper A1 or E-Cu and according to customer requirements with silver 0,03% , 0,1% or other.

Moulding compound:

According to the technology, we use phenolic, epoxy or polyester compound, all are glass fibre reinforced. These are all Class “H” compounds and have very high dielectric properties.

Intersegment isolation

Micanite traction quality ( organic or inorganic)



Produced in steel or laminar gray iron (FGL 250-300) or spheroidal (nodular) (FGS 400-7 or FGS 500-7). The hubs can be provided with cooling surfaces as well as front and rear flanges of different forms. They can be finished to customer’s specifications complete with keyways, specific bore tolerances, threaded holes, recess, and all other forms.


Riser :

The riser is usually a large part of the copper segment, slotted or unslotted. It can also be a fabricated riser with flag/terminals welded on (Tin soldered or Electron beam welded on).

For more informations, ask for our detailed technical specifications.